One of the reasons why dining in Patong Beach is fun is the outdoor seating. Nothing is nicer than to feel a balmy ocean breeze while eating under the palms and stars. You can do this when you visit many of the eateries that call Patong Beach home.

A Large Volume of Restaurants

In fact, Patong Beach has the highest concentration of restaurants on Phuket. If you consider yourself a foodie or you want to sample different cuisines, you won’t be disappointed when you visit the Patong Beach area. In this bustling and cosmopolitan beach locale, you will find Thai food courts, mid-range restaurants, and trend-setting eateries that feature nouvelle entrees. The trend-setting restaurants are where celebrities and beautiful people go if they want to be seen.

Therefore, eating at one of the Patong Beach restaurants can be as exciting as it is pleasurable. One of the luxury eateries just north of Patong Beach is the Acqua Restaurant. This fine-dining establishment serves Italian fare and shows off clean lines and great views of the water. If you want to enjoy a nice ambiance and Italian cuisine that is next to none, this is the place you want to visit.

Visit Al Basha at Malin Plaza

One unique restaurant in Patong Beach is Al Basha. You can find this establishment at Malin Plaza, which is located on the southern part of the beach area. This well-lit establishment is busy yet relaxing, which creates just the right social atmosphere.

What is different about Al Basha is its shisha flavor listings. Therefore, anyone who likes to smoke shisha will be able to do so here. Along with the shisha, you can enjoy a menu that features fresh local Thai seafood and Lebanese dishes. All the foods are delicious and budget-priced. While a number of eateries are known to carry the Al Basha brand, the restaurant in the Malin Plaza stands out as the most popular.

Hungry for Cantonese Chinese Food?

Is you love Chinese food, especially Cantonese Chinese food, you will want to visit Anita’s Kitchen Phuket, which is hidden behind the Bangla Boxing Stadium. If you want an affordable Chinese meal, you want to add this restaurant to your itinerary when you visit Patong Beach and Phuket.

One of the outdoor seating arrangements that is the epitome of open-air dining is the AroonsomPatong Food Park. Most of the stands get ready for visitors early so they can display foods that represent Thai, Asian, seafood, and international dishes.

Sample a Variety of Thai and Asian Foods

While this form of dining cannot be defined as “luxury,” the reasonable prices and tasty cuisine will prevent you from making any distinctions. You can find the AroonsomPatong Food Park across from the Siam Commercial Bank on Rat-U-Thit Road.

As you can see, you can choose from a number of various eating establishments when you visit the Patong Beach area of Phuket. Whether you choose to eat in style and be seen or wish to opt for the plastic chairs and wobbly table at a food court, you won’t be disappointed by the taste, value, and uniqueness of any of the dishes.