Hong Kong is not only a paradise for shopping, but also a good place to explore gourmets. As Hong Kong is an international metropolis in the world, you can find all kinds of famous cuisines from around the world. But street food is still the best way to start your cooking trip in Hong Kong. There is a wide variety of street food here. It is a good way to experience the culinary culture of Hong Kong. When you go on vacation in Hong Kong, you can enjoy these cheap but delicious snacks. Click here for tsim sha tsui shopping centre. 

Noodle Cart

Carrito noodles is a type of cheap a la carte noodles. Normally there are many different food boxes in the cart, which are filled with different noodles, soups and ingredients. Ingredients include Pork Skin, Pork Blood Curd, Pork Oviduct, Pork Intestine, Beef Ball, Red Chinese Sausage, Wonton, Chicken Wing, Spam, Omaso, Sepia Ball, Fish Chop, pork ball, fried fish ball, crab stick, Siu Mai, etc. Noodles include Ho fan, thick and thin noodles. Go to https://k11staging.k11musea.com/taste/ for tsim sha tsui foods.

It has become popular in Hong Kong in the 1950s through independent street vendors operating on the edges of streets and in public housing in low-income districts, with carts. Many street vendors have disappeared now, but the name and style of the noodle remain a cultural symbol of this city.

Egg waffle

Egg Waffle, also known as Eggette or Gai Daan Jai, is a unique egg-based waffle that is popular in the Hong Kong and Macao area. It is considered one of the most popular “street sandwich” in the city.

The way to prepare the egg waffle is very simple. Porridge mixed with eggs, sugar, wheat flour and evaporated milk, pour in the middle of the two pieces of honeycomb template made of special metal, cooked in the fire. When it is finished, it looks in golden color with cake flavor. Now some stores add chocolate, coconut, sesame, etc. in the porridge to create a different flavor. They are best served hot, and always eat alone. They can also be served with fruits and different flavors such as strawberry, coconut or chocolate.

tsim sha tsui food

Egg Tartlet

Egg tartlet is a type of food influenced by British culture. It is an indispensable snack in bakeries in Hong Kong. Authentic Hong Kong egg tarts are divided into two types according to the crispy outer crust. One of puff pastry and the other of crunchy dough. They are traditionally made with lard instead of butter or food fat. Both are full of rich custard that is more egg and less creamy than English.


Brisket is a part of the cow’s belly. It is a classic material of Cantonese food, one of the characteristic street foods in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the Brisket (Skirt) of cow is generally divided into the Brisket (Skirt) of curried cow and the one of clear soup. The Brisket (Skirt) of real cow should be cooked a few hours with the cow bones, to make it soft and tasty.

Chilled Cream of Sago and Mango with Grapefruit

Chilled Sago and Mango Cream with Grapefruit, also known as Mango Grapefruit Sago, is a Hong Kong-style dessert. It is composed of mango, grapefruit, sago, coconut milk, cream and sugar. It is not only a dessert or a drink, but also a flavor for cake, ice cream, lollipop and mooncake. It is said that it was invented in 1984 by the Lee Yuan restaurant in Hong Kong.

The processes of preparing are not complicated. Puree the mango in a food processor; boil the water with the candlestick sugar to make a syrup, break the grapefruit into small pieces, mix all these together and chill in the fridge. Then, finally, serve cold in a bowl.