If your team decided to do some baking class on your next team building activity, then you have to make sure that you come prepared. Learning how to bake is a fun activity for your team. There are plenty of cooking and baking classes in Singapore, but if you want to learn from the best chefs, then you choose the best teachers.

The D’Open Kitchen is the top culinary school in the country. They offer cooking and corporate baking class Singapore. If you want to know what activities you can do with your team, then here are the ones offered at D’Open Kitchen in Singapore:

The Basics Of Baking.

Learning the basics of baking is very important. If several of you have never baked a cupcake or a cake before, then taking the basics of baking activity at D’Open Kitchen is the best choice for you. In fact, you can pick out from their baked goods menu and the chefs will show you pastry goodies that you can serve for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner by only using your oven. 

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Bread Baking.

Who doesn’t love bread? If you want your team to learn how to make their own bread at home, then this is the best activity for you. The bread baking class at D’Open Kitchen will teach you the basics and of course, the science of baking bread. From mixing, beating, and leavening, and even making different bread shapes and sizes. The chefs at D’Open Kitchen will guide you to make sure that you learn the most basic bread baking skills in no time.

French Pastries.

You want your team to learn something fancy? Why not learn how to bake French pastries? Whether it’s puff pastry, eclair, or other French pastry that you love. At the D’Open Kitchen, you will learn the theory about different ratios and techniques in creating your basket of sweet French pastry. You and your team can bake some of the classical French pastries that you can bring home and share.

Bake Some Cupcakes!

Cupcakes are best paired with your good cup of coffee. So why not learn with your team on how to make some? In this culinary school, you will learn the basics of baking a cupcake. The chefs will make sure that you have the knowledge and basic skills of cupcake baking once you get home. This way, you would be able to enjoy the activity while learning with your team at the same time.

Classic Cakes.

Isn’t it amazing if you can learn how to bake at least a classic cake on your next team building activity? At the D’Open Kitchen, you will learn the different cake types. You will be able to learn about various cakes from all parts of the world. The chefs will guide and tutor you the proper way to whip up some of the classic cakes that you can bring home and share with your family.

Learning while having fun is the best way to spend your next team building activity. If you are bored with your usual get-together, then it is time to venture out into something that you and your team have probably never done before – baking. This activity will surely be loved and enjoyed by your teammates. They will not only be able to bring home some sweets but some fun memories as well.