If you wish to see Siam attractions, you need to find a base for your holiday – one that will allow you to really enjoy your trip while spending less money. You can do this by choosing a hostel accommodation. By making this choice, you will enjoy your holiday more and have more money to spend on local sites and attractions.

When You Should Schedule Your Hostel Stay

You can schedule to stay at a Siam hostel in Bangkok from November to April and not worry about the weather. Whether you want to hike or view the local Siam attractions, you can do so more easily during this time of year. Avoid the rainstorms that lash the countryside and the city during the other months, as you may be forced to stay in your room or dorm more than you want.

When booking a hostel accommodation, it is important to keep this in mind, as this type of property is less private than a regular hotel. While you can book a private room, it still does not offer the same level of privacy as a regular hotel. A hostel is ideal for anyone who wishes to partake in activities in the day and merely needs to sleep at night.

Hostel in Bangkok

Don’t Visit During Monsoon Season If You Don’t Need to

That is why you need to factor in the weather too. While it may be more pleasant to stay in a hotel during a monsoon rain, it can become quite uncomfortable if you are located in a dorm in a hostel. Make any rainy day more pleasant by finding a local eatery where you can review Facebook or another platform on your tablet or mobile phone.

How About Christmas in Siam?

If you do plan a hostel stay to save money, it is always better to go during November to April. You can enjoy Christmas in Thailand by arriving in December. This is a great way to escape the snow and cold in a place, such as the US or UK. You may want to book a double bed in a private room if you are traveling with a companion.

This type of accommodation offers a queen-sized bed and private bathroom and toilet. You also receive towels and soap and shampoo. Therefore, you can travel light in Bangkok if you so choose. Your room will also feature WiFi, air conditioning, and a TV – all the comforts of home at a lower accommodation price.

Enjoy the Night Markets During Your Hostel Stay

If you want to stay within the section of Siam, you can enjoy a number of local attractions and Thai specialty cuisine. You can also get out at night and enjoy the night markets. The streets suddenly come to life after the sun goes down. The colorful offerings of vendors make seeing Bangkok and Siam at night all the more fun. All this can be done without spending a lot of money. If you want to make the most of your holiday cash, this is the way to do it.