The first step we should take when deciding to start a catering business is to determine what type of business we want to run. Today’s gastronomy is moving away from more and more from the rigid marketing concepts established over many years, the division into restaurants, cafes, bars, stalls, etc. There is no reason not to let the imagination run wild and try to introduce its own idea that will put us apart from the opposition, thereby gaining an advantage  repulse bay restaurant  (subject to acceptance by our future potential clients, i.e., the target group). When we look at the majority of well-liked types of gastronomy on our market, we can list the following divisions:

Tips on Restaurant lighting

Not every owner of a restaurant, cafe, or bar is aware of the importance of lighting in a gastronomic establishment. With its help, we can not only create the right mood, provide guests with comfort, but also affect the taste sensations of consumers. It is widely known that we also eat with our eyes! Lighting in a catering establishment should be skillfully matched in terms of the entire arrangement  and of course, economical.

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When designing the space of a restaurant or other gastronomic establishment, you cannot forget about lighting. Already at the stage of planning the decor, we should take into account the arrangement of lighting points, type, and style of lamps, as well as lighting parameters that will be optimal for the premises. The intensity of light, its color, angle of incidence will have a huge impact on the well-being of guests in the restaurant. With the help of light, we can create a mood of relaxation, intimacy, make visitors want to visit our place again. For this to happen, it is worth using a warm light in the restaurant. The dining room should be lit in such a way that it provides guests with privacy and a cozy feeling. Tables should not be lit too brightly, especially in the case of atmospheric venues often chosen for a date or other private meetings, e.g., in a family circle.

Light points must be arranged skillfully so that the room is not too bright or too dark. Lamps should show the served dishes and the appearance of the visitors themselves in the best possible light so that guests feel the best in the restaurant. Therefore, you can use brighter light in the bar area and emphasize communication routes, increasing the comfort of guests when moving around the premises, and ordering food. In this case, you can use suspended lighting or spot recessed, ceiling luminaires. At the same time, standing lamps are a good solution or candle lights on the tables. Thanks to this, guests’ faces will not be brightly lit, and dishes will not be so. Side lighting will also undoubtedly add moodiness. Lamps – wall sconces – work well in restaurants.