Why do people love steak? Well aside from the fact that it is an expensive cut of meat, people simply love it because it is just a big and beautiful slab of beef that is tender, juicy and has a very meaty flavor that will make your taste buds longing for it for more.

Arguably the most difficult thing about cooking a stake in your home is actually buying the type of cut of the stake at the market, so regardless if you cook your steak at home or you want to save it for a special occasion, it is completely important to be aware that your expensive steak cuts have different variations and types that have different methods of cooking and preparing.

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To give you a good overview of this and improve your steak-cooking skills, read the rest of this article that will give you a guide in cooking.

Generally, steaks can be cut across the muscle fiber of the entire beef and can or cannot be included with its bone, and a lot of steaks come from three prime areas of a cow; the short loin, the tenderloin, and the ribs because these muscles are not moved either exercised a lot by the cow when it was still being raised and does not contain a lot of connective tissues that needed to be cooked for a long time which makes the meat tougher.

The three types of steak cuts that are mentioned above are more tender, fast cooking and are packed with more flavor. It also contains lots of marbling or fat which make the beef steak even more delicious.

Steaks are expensive because these are considered premium cuts, where there is only a small portion of this meat can be harvested from the beef carcass unlike other cuts of the entire beef which contributes to its premium prices and because of its flavorful and delicious taste, its demand is always high. Considering that steaks are expensive, it would be totally worth it to know how each one of its cut is different from one another, especially for the benefit of the consumers. For great quality and flavorful steaks, visit steak house wanchai.

  • Tenderloin- Also known as filet mignon, tenderloins are usually the fillet of the beef, which is boneless and also the most expensive cut of steak that you can buy. Tenderloin can be found at the beef’s short loin and sirloin area located under the ribs. The entire tenderloin can be cut starting out at a wide and then tapers at the other end, or the tail of the beef. It is the most tender of all steaks with a buttery and mild in flavor.
  • Strip- Known as top sirloin or top loin, this cut is also boneless that comes from the short loin portion of the beef. From its name itself, the strip steak is almost a rectangular in shape with slightly tapered edges and this cut of steak is usually marbled with fat and has large pieces of fat around its edges which makes it very flavorful and very tender that it virtually melts in your mouth.
  • T-bone- This cut of steak which has a bone in it comes from the cross-section of the short loin. Also known as porterhouse, it is called T-bone because of the letter “T” shaped bone attached to the meat. T-bone steaks are also available at bar causeway bay.