To get the best, reliable, affordable and private bus travel for all types of tours and trips, Bus rental New york is ideal. Their team and services are professional and provide you instant booking as well with their online services. When planning in a group, it becomes essential to get a safe and reliable service.

Bus rental New york features:

Instant booking

Their instant booking gives the flexibility of getting a bus on hand that day itself with the option of paying later. Even the most complex trip is made easy with them. They handle massive events, multi-day events to simple outings.

Self-serve easy booking

A recurring trip or a large scale occasion or multi-day events their self-service booking with enabling us to get their professional services all through the travel.

Professional charter services

The services are professional, reliable and affordable. They give you cost-effective options for your complex to simple trip and its requirements.

Their services handle various kinds of travel like:

  • Complex multi-city travel
  • Multi-vehicle travel
  • Large group outings
  • Long-distance tours and travel
  • Recurring travel
  • Shuttle program
  • Sports team travel
  • Corporate travel
  • Commuter shuttles
  • Transportation programs
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Festivals

Their package includes:

  • Specialized services
  • A committed account manager exclusive
  • Round the clock customer service
  • Open-jaw scheduling
  • Flexible terms of payment
  • Multi-vehicle bookings
  • Shuttle service
  • Tracking with GPS location
  • Management of event transportation
  • Custom bus wrapping
  • Day-of-event logistics
  • For big events on-site staffing
  • VIP services
  • Meet-and-greet services

Once a charter bus has been zeroed on group travel, it’s essential to figure out which one is best and right for your group and the trip. All the information regarding the rental needs to be known to avoid the unlikely later. This includes amenities provided with the bus to the price offered on the rental. The services have an easy tool to book online which shall provide various prices for different charter buses to choose from based on the number of passengers and length of travel.

Bus rental New york

Bus rental services also provides you with the primary 4 types:

Coach Bus rental-55 seats

These are super comfortable, big and beautiful. With power outlets, AC, reclining seating, onboard restrooms, and wifi, this is top amongst the 4. This one is ideal for athletes, executives and long-distance tourists/travelers. It is the best option when the drive is over 3 hours.

Mini Coach rental-32 seats

Equipped with Wifi and AC, this option is best for wedding planners to shuttle between reception and ceremony. Family reunions, event shuttling and senior outings are best carried out with min coaches.

School Bus rental-47 seats

The no-frill setting, classic and good seating are best for sports travel, student travel, Festival shuttling and wedding parties too. Good for short-distance travel with a seating of about 47 passengers.

Minibus rental-21 seats

Petite, comfortable and cute for medium to short trips. They are comfortable and fully equipped for tour and field trips.

Bus rental New York is the best for group travels with no hassles involved.