Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and Macro island can be rightly called the gem of Florida. This island has the most perfect location being placed in between the Gulf of Mexico and the mangrove estuaries on the other side. This place is a traveller’s dream. The Marco island is equipped with a lot of modern amenities and that is why it is one of the best islands to visit around the coastal regions of Florida. Here is a list of a few fun activities that you can try out in this area.

Best things to do in Marco Island Florida 

  • Fond of charter fishing? Marco Island is a must visit for you.
  • Play a game of golf or even mini gold around the golf courses and golf gardens in the area.
  • Take a shelling tour around the area to watch dolphins.
  • You can even take a day trip to Naples and do some shopping.
  • You can catch some exciting discounts around the brand outlets in Naples.

things to do in Marco Island Florida

  • Look out for the unique delicacies that you get in the farmer market around the Marco island.
  • There are dining and entertainment options so you can go out on a dinner date or a movie date with your loved ones.
  • Marco Island has some unique brewery so you can try that out as well.
  • Visit the J W Marriot Marco Island Beach resort for some luxurious dining experience.
  • You can even have a trip around the pineapple plantations in the Marco island.
  • The island also has some great museums which you can check out if you are fond of museums.
  • Try the escape prison gaming adventure in Marco island where you need to find and solve clues to make your way out through the prisons.

Thus, irrespective of your preference and expectations from a tourist place Marco island will be a great destination for anyone since it has a wide range of options and you can choose one that suits you the best way. It is not restricted to a few options as it is placed near the mainland of the united states and it was easier to build places around this area. The island has been beautifully designed to be the ideal tourist spot for people around the globe. Florida is definitely a most visited tourist spot in the united states and Marco island is definitely worth a visit if you are around Florida. So, next time you plan a trip make sure you consider Marco island as your destination and try out some of these things to do in Marco Island Florida.