Turkey is one of the most visited places in the world. If you are in Turkey, you should never miss the chance to visit Oludeniz. This is a very beautiful beach town located in the south. Even though this is not a very popular tourist destination, but this is a place that Turkish people are recommending for everyone to visit on their next trip. You can enjoy the beach while staying at their most amazing hotels.

Getting To Oludeniz 

Since the beach town is not an easy place to get to, you have two options to get to Oludeniz. You can travel by land by riding a bus, or by air. The bus ride from Denizli to Oludeniz would be more or less 3 ½ hours. There are luxury buses complete with WiFi and amazing features that you can book for a positive bus-ride experience.

If you travel by air, this is by far the easiest option for many tourists. You can fly from Istanbul to Dalaman by the Turkish Airline. Pegasus fly this route on a regular basis. Once you arrive at Dalaman, take a taxi or book a shuttle. The ride would be about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Where To Stay In Oludeniz? 

If you like a beach getaway, Oludeniz is the best place to add to your itinerary. People who know how gorgeous this town is love to visit the place. This is why there are so many places to go to for big or small spenders. This town is right next to the beach which caters tourists. The high season is from Easter to early November.

During the off-season, some of the hotels,  restaurants, and shops are closed.  But during peak season, the town will be filled with people from all around the world. If you plan to visit during these busy months, it is best to check for olu deniz holidays all inclusive deals ahead of time.

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What To Do In Oludeniz? 

If you love the beach, then Oludeniz is the best place for you to visit in Turkey. The color of the water here is more turquoise than any water on any beach that you probably already visited. Oludeniz means ‘dead sea.’ This is where it got its name because the water is so calm, even during a storm. The beach is more of pebbles and sand. Aside from the amazing beach, here are more places to visit during your holiday in Oludeniz.

  • Blue Lagoon. This is a semi-circle sandy beach. This is very famous and was even published in many travel magazines.
  • Island Cruise Boat Tour. Once you walk by the beach, you will instantly notice the boats docked. They go on day trips right along the peninsula every day during the peak seasons.
  • Badabag Mountains Paragliding. If you love adventure, then go paragliding from the Badabag mountains. It is almost 2 kilometers above the sea level and you can enjoy the breathtaking view from the top.

Now that you know where to go when you arrive at Oludeniz, it is time to book your hotel and find out the most amazing deals that they can offer for you and your family. Be one with nature as you enjoy the beach and the most beautiful views that you will ever see in your life.